Monday, November 7, 2016

Teach Yourself

Everyone can teach themselves anything.

Everyone has the potential.

In the following list, I have concocted an array of foundational principles that will help sow the seeds for further knowledge building.

To help in the quest of building upon the basics, I highly recommend Googling.

To become more of an expert, learn more theory and apply it. In essence, the process of discovery is essentially being a scientist.

Trade                                              What to Learn
Robotics                                         Electrician
Coding                                           Computer Languages
Doctor                                            Diagnosing Illnesses
Investing                                        Series Licensing
Scientist                                         Experiments
Surgeon                                         Anatomy

I'm certain after reading this post, one could find many other jobs, degrees or fields of interest that can be learned on one's own by just going back to the basics. Let's all be scientists.

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