Monday, November 14, 2016


Entrepreneurs fill niches in the market. They provide a good or service to help raise standards of living.

Marx, and the going mainstream economic scholars (the Keynesian ilk-including Monetarists, MMT and the like) all believe in some sort of class struggle. Hogwash.

The idea of class struggle is further promoted with positivism, or the use of statistics. Math is fun indeed, but it's theoretical framework must be understood to it's core to aid in understanding the world better.

When someone is less knowledgeable on something, the skill or knowledge of it is scarce. This incites a high demand to learn it, or credulous admiration for those that have more exposure to it.

The gullibility is deleterious to those who are more skilled in other aspects. Math can indeed be seductive to those not wary of it's complexities. Scientism is quite similar, it's theory incites hubris that makes people negate their own capabilities, or moreover, humility.

There is another side of the coin, if one who is knowledgeable or skilled in something scarce or uncommon uses their abilities to produce wealth or advance their own lives, the ramifications would ultimately be a boon to the rest of society. A snowball effect would arise.

Entrepreneurs are these people. They endeavor reeking profits.

They use their scarce skill to produce a new idea, either a physical product, or service that results in mental or monetary profit. The profit is a subjective satisfaction.

Everyone who comes upon this idea or product, must learn it. The entrepreneur has taught something new.

In our world there are no classes of people, neither demographics. These groupings are what arrogant scholars have tried conditioning all of us to believe. Statistics is their legerdemain.

Data is history, it already happened. This historical occurrence is categorized and assigned a number. Nobody has perfect information.

These occurrences happen at a certain point in time, within a certain interval. It is mere subjectivity modeled with the philosophy of numbers. Reification.

The class system, in accordance with historical data, creates the effect on people's world view as aforementioned. Austrians understand it is all theoretical, and null.

Anybody can be a landowner, laborer or capitalist-entrepreneur at the same time.

Capitalists withhold consumption, saving money. That savings filters into the economy in the form of investment. Savings=Investment.

All money in a bank leads to loans, this is investing. Investing is the advancing of capital to the various stages of the production process. Other savings mechanisms also exist.

Laborers sell their labor to businesses. Their price, wage, is decided by contractual agreement.

Land owners own land.

There is no class struggle, only statistical measures that divide us abstractly.

Profit is subjective. Jobs are competed for. Everyone desires land, labor or capital subjectively.

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